Welcome to High Tide Poke!

This is the way we eat everyday. Are we saying you should? Don’t know… but we think it’s pretty darn good.

No gluten. No peanuts or tree nuts. No dairy. Fish that is attained sustainably and responsibly. Like, borrow your car responsible. Fresh, indeed.

Our fruits and veggies are locally sourced whenever possible. No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners or flavors -No need. We are picky and we hand make just about everything. Sauces to desserts – yes, we make the Frosty Pops in house, from juice, from a real piece of fruit.

Healthy stuff. Antioxidants. Fruits. Veggies and proteins that make you feel better and live longer. Probably backed by science.

We just like the way it tastes. We think you will, too.

203 N. LaSalle St.   |   Chicago IL 60601   |   312.265.1660